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We compile relevant content into personalized learning journeys. Developed by cognitive scientists. Powered by AI.

Learning styles

Relevant content at your fingertips

Content is growing exponentially and it tends to be challenging to identify sources as courses, articles, books, podcasts, and videos that are relevant for your personal context and goals and that you can trust. Together with cognitive scientists, we have built an algorithm to take this task off your mind. All you need to do now is to tell us what you want to learn!

Get better - every day.

Most people struggle to learn in a structured way outside of courses and trainings. But our jobs require us to stay up to date and to constantly learn new skills. Jeeny will guide you through an immersive learning experience seamlessly integrated into your everyday workflow alongside tips & tricks.

Learning styles
Learning styles

Little daily investment turns into measurable progress.

Learning is a marathon, not a sprint, and each and every one of us has our own, unique way of learning. Our learner styles can also change over time, and depending on what and where we learn. Our Jeeny AI collects countless insights about your learner traits. Anything you want to learn, it structures into a learning journey that's truly made for you. Lean back and make learning an everyday habit.

How it works

Determine your learning style

Our algorithm will ask you to take a survey that is designed to improve your learning experience, because it will give us the data we need to personalize your learning.

Choose a topic

Our service will offer several courses during beta. We aim to allow our Algorithms to create any course you want for you in minutes.

Lean back and learn

Let us guide you through an immersive learning experience seamlessly integrated into your everyday workflow. Take assessments, quizzes and get tips and tricks on how to learn more efficient.