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A learning culture starts with your people.

Meet, an automated platform that curates hyper-personalized and collaborative learning experiences for your employees and teams. Leverage scalable learning to develop talent and skills when and where they are needed, connecting people across functions.

Why organizations need more engaging and effective learning experiences.

In today’s disrupted workplace, resilient organizations need effective learning experiences to close skill gaps and cover talent needs. Top-down delivery of uniform content is not engaging. Manual personalization is not feasible.


of executives think that a lack of future skills is among the biggest challenges to their organizations and only

25% believe that training measurably improved performance.


of teams cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failure.

With the rise of remote working, employees seek opportunities to connect through collaborative learning.


of workers quit their jobs due to a lack of learning and development opportunities

70% of employees report that they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs

Reshape your learning culture with bottom-up, scalable learning experiences is your AI coach that helps curate on-demand course recommendations and learning journeys tailored to the needs of your people and teams.

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Jeeny develops your people into confident and adaptive learning enthusiasts.

Leverage technology and compelling UI design to create an employee-centric environment for continuous hyper-personalized and collaborative learning.

Our awesome features
Leverage AI-based curation at scale

Individual learners as well as team leaders can leverage the power of AI to curate automatically customized content based on individual learning goals, content preferences, career development opportunities, team objectives or collective skill needs.

Our awesome features
Capture what matters, when it matters

Intelligent highlight and Snipboard functions let learners extract, annotate and collect bite-sized insights while on the job. The result: better retention of knowledge and increased productivity.

Our awesome features
Harness the power of collaborative learning

Individual learners share key learnings with team members, apply them to specific problem-solving goals, or simply connect through shared learning experiences.

Our awesome features
Watch everyone openly share their expertise

As learners progress with their learning journeys, they can share insights with peers, create initiatives to exchange diverse views and experiences to become thought leaders.

Our awesome features
Intuitive Analytics

Comprehensive dashboards provide real-time and intuitive insights for L&D stakeholders or team leaders to manage and support skill needs, learning initiatives or recruitment, saving costs and time.

Our awesome features
Seamless Integration offers seamless integration with existing L&D and HR systems to minimize onboarding efforts.

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