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The solution designed for curious minds.

Enough of diffuse and distracting content overload. Learn what's valuable to YOU, and learn it YOUR way.

Struggling to stay up to date in your craft?

So much content at our fingertips - yet so much time wasted. Lacking structure? You're not alone.


per day are spent on unstructured learning.

Content is growing at an exponential rate, and most lifelong learners try to stay current in their craft. But due to the lack of a structured approach, they end up, wasting time.


of professionals are concerned

about their way of consuming content. According to our findings, people spend far too much time consuming content without considering the bigger picture. 80% of users polled confirmed to feel stressed by their own behavior.


of knowledge is almost immediately lost.

Our brain has been programmed to be efficient. This means that unnecessary information is immediately removed. If not practiced, 80% of the knowledge retrieved will be lost.

We could do learning better than that, don't you think?

Jeeny transforms any piece of content into personalized learning journeys.

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Jeeny helps you to make learning a daily habit.

Stay in control over your time, commitment and progress, and adapt to changing interests anytime.

Our awesome features
Identify your learning style.

Answer a few questions about your learning preferences so that our Jeeny AI can design your personalized journey.

Our awesome features
Explore your results

Discover your learning preferences and what you can do to enhance your learning experience.

Our awesome features
Create and start a course

Do you have an important article or video that you'd like to focus on? Jeeny is here to assist you. Simply add it to your own course page. You can also simply select one of the courses we offer.

Our awesome features
Finally stop consuming unstructured bits of content.... And start learning.

Jeeny will guide you through an immersive learning experience seamlessly integrated into your everyday workflow, alongside helpful tips and tricks.

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