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Building the Future-Proof Learning Organization

The fast-transforming workplace has made the acquisition and retention of skilled talent the key to becoming adaptive, resilient, and competitive. Organizations need to manage massively scalable learning experiences which empower personalized talent development, cross-silo team collaboration and the quick closing of skill gaps

Jeeny is an innovative, AI-powered, hyper-personalized learning experience platform:

Transforming how each person and team acquires and shares know-how and skills

Fostering an enjoyable and fulfilling journey to sustainable and sharable knowledge

Instilling best practices which transform the capacity and resilience of your workforce

Jeeny empowers your people at every level to benefit from hyper-personalized, on-demand learning experiences, driving decentralized, bottom-up knowledge acquisition. The result? An organizational culture of continuous skill-building and retention. Effective learning outcomes which close skill gaps fast. Newly acquired know-how preserved and flowing across functions and silos, building a sustainable brain trust.

Our awesome features

Jeeny curates, preserves and expands your organizational knowledge base at scale. Jeeny tracks, manages and measures the progress of each employee and each team toward KPIs and OKRs. It communicates real-time insights with granular analytics. Structured, optimized learning becomes a pleasant, gratifying habit, delivering results.

Our awesome features

The outcome? An organization that learns better and retains what it learns. Each employee and team. Your entire workforce. Top-down transparency. Better practices distributed across the organization to create future-proof knowledge resilience.

Our awesome features

Are you ready for a new kind of learning culture?

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Jeeny makes perpetual knowledge acquisition an achievable outcome

Gone are the days when organizational skill-building meant an occasional workshop or seminar, most of the knowledge forgotten upon return to the office. Manual curation of the glut of information is futile. Cultivating individual talent and team know-how without a coherent learning development strategy and structure is impossible.

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Continual learning becomes a new experience for everyone in your organization, a self-reinforcing and personally empowering habit.

Jeeny is an automated learning coach and skill-building companion for everyone in your enterprise, from new employees to senior executives, across functions and silos.

Our awesome features
Applying intelligent automation, heuristic recommendation and curation strategies to organize and structure existing and new knowledge.

Jeeny helps all your people to navigate the journey to the knowledge they need. It guides each employee step-by-step through their learning experiences. It provides managers with constant insight to help their teams gain and retain new skills.

Our awesome features
Arranging courses and processes pulled in from multiple sources into bite-sized, curated experiences contextualized for personal and team KPIs and OKRs.

Jeeny empowers executives see the big picture of who knows what and what’s not known. It provides a structured yet flexible process for acquiring the knowledge needed at every level. It facilitates sharing of know-how across functions and silos. creating a comprehensive platform for evolutionary organizational learning.

Our awesome features
Tracking and incentivizing progress so everyone sees what they need to know, they’ve accomplished and where they’re going in terms of skill acquisition.

Jeeny-powered learning experiences increase the efficacy and engagement of employees, managers and executives, enterprise-wide. It transforms your organization into a learning culture, delivering meaningful and measurable outcomes.

We all wish to learn faster. Know more. Do better.

Jeeny pulls together collective know-how, making skill-learning practical and personal. Knowledge mastery is the key to future success, for individuals and organizations.

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