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How the Jeeny magic works

Are you a curious person that wants to stay up to date with your craft? Or do you always thrive to learn more and faster? Have you observed yourself adding lots of articles, books, and podcasts to your reading list but never find the time to actually consume them? Or do you maybe entertain yourself with content by reading everything half-hearted? 

Learning a new skill or deepening the knowledge you have already is a challenge. One that can become quite stressful and overwhelming. When should you find time to learn? What's the right content? How can you discover new information you haven't found before?

We at Jeeny believe that learning a new topic should be as easy as possible for you. It should fit your context and your personal needs. Nevertheless, you should achieve your learning goals and be able to quantify your achievements, and put your learnings into practice. 

We believe that you can learn anything at your own speed and on your own path. So we make it easy to find relevant content and implement it into a genius course for you! Using Jeeny means exploring new ways of hyper-personalized learning that work for you.

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#1 Tell us more 

Did you know that your learning behavior changes over time? You might have certain preferences for how to learn. Nevertheless, research shows that most beliefs people have about their preferences are wrong. You might learn better in the morning than in the evening when it comes to professional topics. You might prefer videos in the evening when preparing for a workshop. 

Identifying our own patterns is a challenge! We might not even recognize patterns. We believe AI can uncover the hidden patterns and make them obvious for you! So in order to start your journey with us, help our Jeeny AI to understand your current learning preferences, so that we can create your artificial journey. 

#2 Choose a topic 

Choose one of the courses we offer. Although our future vision is to offer any topic you can imagine, we need to start somewhere over the rainbow ;) We offer a broad range of pre-configured courses that our Artificial Intelligence created based on based practices.

#3 Select your goal 

Your time is limited and you probably have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Do you want to write a blog post on a topic that is completely new to you? Or do you want to stay up to date with the latest tools in your area of expertise? How much time do you want to spend with us? When do you want to reach the finish line? Tell us more, so we can adapt the content to your needs. 

#4 Start your journey 

“Learning” reminds most of us of what we experienced in school. Large classes, one teacher, frontal lessons and one size fits all content, boredom, mixed feelings, and desperately waiting for a pause to spend time with our friends. We at Jeeny believe that time has changed. We know you are unique. We know your time is limited. We know you expect fast results - and maybe also fun while learning. Good news for you: We have all the data we need to create your personalized learning journey. Take assessments, read relevant content and watch videos to achieve your dreams and goals. No learning journey equals another, each is special and will adapt any time we identify your preferences changed.

#5 We learn as well

We love technology and we believe that personalization is the future. We use AI to uncover the hidden. Based on your behavior our Jeeny artificial intelligence will adapt, so you can just lean back and learn - anything, anywhere, anytime.

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