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You learn best when you learn your way

We at Jeeny believe that you can learn anything. But let's face it, the way you learn best is not the way everyone else does. That's why we aim to create a highly personalized Learning Journeys.

We did our reasearch

With our behavioral and cognitive scientists we identified 16 wildly different learning styles with different preferences.

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“Jeeny's quiz was quick and fun, I was surprised by how accurate it was and how easily it was able to pinpoint my learning style. I’m really excited about getting courses personalized to me, it would be a game-changer”


”Jeeny’s learning style quiz results accurately described how I learn a new topic: independently reading the most relevant content within dense information and relating what I’ve read to things I already know. Definitely will consider the results while learning something new!“

from deeper insights

„Just did the test and I’ve never ever seen myself described so accurately. And since we’re strong on values, I totally share Jeeny’s!“

from Openmind

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